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Full Course Overview In 7 Easy to follow Modules!

Facebook Fundamentals

Video 1 – Overview

How Facebook works as a business to business marketing tool; what you can actually do and how you can use this information to your advantage

Video 2 – Case Study

In video 2 of Module 1, Niel will take you through a case study illustrating the power of what you can achieve through Facebook advertising.


Facebook Marketing Strategy

Video 1 – Facebook Strategy

Overview of the 6 essential Building blocks of creating a solid Facebook marketing strategy.

Building Block 1: Identifying The Correct Markets and The Correct Products.
Building Block 2:  Creating irresistible offers
Building Block 3: Why landing pages are essential
Building Block 4: Gaining Traffic
Building Block 5: Creating Conversions
Building Block 6: How to Monetize your product

Video 2: Sales Ladder

What is a sales ladder? Why is it effective and important to achieving longevity in your business and the steps to take to create your company’s ultimate sales ladder? From providing free reports to building on current products and offers to free seminars, paid seminars, vip packages and webinars.

Video 3: Creating Compelling Offers

Because people get bombarded with so many offers and options you need to be extremely strategic in creating your compelling offer or they will simply glance over it to the next good thing. In this module Niel will cover a list of options to get them hooked

Video 4: Create Landing Pages that Convert

A step by step guide on how to create killer landing pages that convert. In this video Niel covers all the elements and steps you will need to take to create high response landing pages as well as how to test your landing pages to maximize your conversion rate.

Video 5: Converting Leads

Gaining leads is important but if you cannot convert those leads into sales then there is no benefit in acquiring them in the first place. In this video, Niel will take you through a step by step process of creating the right relationship which will lead to loyal converted customers. This video covers everything from follow-ups to building rapport and relationships, to reducing your risks and thinking long term.


Creating Your Facebook Business Account

Video 1 – Facebook Business Account

In this video you will learn the difference between a Facebook personal account and business account and why it is essential for your business to have both.

Video 2 – Facebook Business Account Setup

This video will take you through a step by step guide to setting up your business Facebook account.

Video 3 – Claiming a Page

In this video you will learn how to add a page that is already in existence to your business account.

Video 4 – Creating an Ad Account

Video 5 – Adding a Payment Method

Follow the simple steps you will need to take to add your payment method to your Facebook business account.

Video 6 – Adding an Instagram Account

Follow the simple steps you will need to take to connect your Instagram account to your Facebook account.

Video 7 – Adding People to Business Manager

Follow the simple steps you will need to take to add individuals to your Facebook business account and allocate them “roles” within your business either as admin or as an employee for a specific job.

Video 8- Facebook Business Setup Completion

In this Video Niel goes through a few more of the options you will have and may want to consider before completing your Facebook business manager set up including adding partners, adding additional payment methods, where to see an overview of your business, how to turn on your notifications and more.

Creating Your Facebook Page’s

Video 1: Creating Your Facebook Page

A step by step guide to setting up your first Facebook page from your business Facebook account, including where to add your business address and phone number so that you are optimized for Google search.

Video 2: What To Do First Once Its Set Up – Creating Your First Post

How to create your first Facebook business page post so that your page becomes a professional looking brochure that works towards attracting clients and customers to your business.

Video 3: Promoting Your Page

A simple explanation on how and why you need to promote your Facebook page.

Video 4: Boosting A Post

Learn how to boost posts and why boosting posts is essential in Facebook advertising in order to actually reach your followers.

Video 5: Facebook Page’s Navigation

Understanding how to navigate your way through your Facebook page will put you ahead of the pack as it will give you incredible insights into your followers and much, much more.

Creating a Facebook Audience

Video 1: Audience Overview

What is a “Facebook audience”? The different types of audiences and how to understand their needs so you can attract them to your page.

Video 2: Creating a Facebook Pixel

In this short video the fear of “pixels” will be dispelled as Niel simplifies your understanding of what a pixel is and how to use it to maximize tracking your visitors/customer base.

Video 3: Custom Audience

This video will teach you how to import contact lists from your mailing system as well as create new custom audiences, based on previous interactions with your company or one of your company’s electronic platforms.

Video 4: Look-a-like Audience

Possibly the most effective audience you will create, this video is packed with information you definitely need to know how to use this feature if you want to take your business to the next level.

Video 5: Saved Audience Or Targeting An Audiences Through Demographics

In this video Niel not only takes you through the step by step process of creating a ‘Saved Targeted Audience’ but he also gives useful tips and insight into why creating different ad’s based on gender, interests and language will up your conversion rate.

Video 6: Saved Audience Or Targeting An Audiences Through Interests

In this short tutorial you will be taken through all the different options you have within targeting as well as be shown how to target your peers’ and mentors’ targeted audiences.

Video 7: Saved Audience Or Targeting An Audiences Through Behaviours

Targeting Audiences through behaviour is extremely effective. In this video Niel will take you through the various options Facebook gives you to find people who exhibit the behaviours you are looking for in your ideal target market.

Video 8: Audience Insights

In this tutorial Niel will go through all the navigation options within the insights section. Audience insights are extremely beneficial as they give you insight into your targeted audience. This information will assist you in making important strategy decisions for future marketing campaigns.

Creating Ad Campaigns

Budgeting, Reporting and Optimization